Miss America Contestants Arrive in Las Vegas

As Miss Nevada Alana Lee welcomes the Miss America contestants to her home town Sandy Kastel Miss Nevada 1976 brings Best Wishes to Alana Lee from Women in Music and Arts

Alana Lee and Sandy Kastel have a few things in common. They are both singers and both were

crowned Miss Nevada.While Sandy had to fly 3000 miles  to walk on the Miss America Stage in Atlantic City,

Alana Lee will be walking the stage in the main showroom at The Planet Hollywood right here

in our home town of Las Vegas.

Sandy listened for her name to be called by Burt Parks, who was still singing "Here She Comes..." The host for this year's pageant is much younger. He's the Bachelor's Chris Harrison.

The two women have something else in common. They both belong to Women and Music and Arts and believe in "Empowering Artists of All Ages through Education and Mentorship."

Alana has a busy week ahead of her as she will be in rehearsals, interviews, a fashion show, special appearances,  and finally on Saturday she will stand there waiting to hear her name called while thousands watch in the showroom and millions watch from their homes on ABC.

As Alana competes for the title of Miss America we will be cheering her name, not just becaue she is a beautiful, intelligent and talented. Because she also believes in making a difference in the world by becoming involved in her community. She stands for something. She is passionate. She speaks out and she her message out with grace, poise and elegance. She is truly one special woman. You are one of us - Women in Music and Arts!

As Pageant week begins one of our WIMA members Alana Lee welcomes her MIss America Sisters to the place she calls home - Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

She is interviewed immediately following the barrage of photographers as family members, chaperones and friends flash their cameras, iphones and ipads jockeying to get the best view.

This Saturday the contestants will be appearing at the Fashion Mall in a Fashion Show. Everyone will be there to see what this year's contestants have to offer that is different from years past.

History has given us memorable beauty pageant moments and every year the focus is different. What are the changes? The audience gets to vote for their favorites and there will be 15 finalists take the runway to compete at the end of the week as cable tv broadcasts the event live from Las Vegas.

Our best wishes are with you, Alana. Have a great week. Savor every moment and enjoy the new friends you'll make this week. We are rooting for you and cheering your name!





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WIMA Holiday Mixer

WIMA Mixer Madness!

Food, Drinks, Music and 15 Women in Music and Arts! What an amazing mix! It was an amazing site. We started off in the dining room next to the bar. The guitarist was playing, the overhead music was coming through the speakers and we were trying to carry on conversations!