About Us


"Empowering Artists of All Ages through Education, Mentorship & Scholarships"

 Women in Music and Arts Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization Empowering Women through Scholarships for Arts, Music and Writing and Showcasing their Talents

artWomen in Music and Arts vision is to advance awareness, strengthen community relations, recognize and celebrate the contributions woman have made in music and art worldwide. WIMA is committed to educate, mentor, support, empower and provide the tools to help others achieve their individual goals and dreams. Our seminars, focus groups, panels and unique performance showcases allow WIMA to grant achievement awards and scholarships for youth initiatives.

The Women in Music and Arts Foundation Is An Organization Comprising Of Dynamic, Influential Women In The Performing, Visual And Literary Arts Raising Awareness In The Global Community Preserving The Legacy Of The Feminine Influence Within These Industries Worldwide Offering Opportunities For Career Advancement Showcasing Members Talents "Empowering Artists Of All Ages Through Education And Mentorship" Providing Educational Seminars, Workshops, Conferences Community Outreach Programs And Scholarships Through The Women In Music And Arts Foundation.