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Women in Music and Arts

"Empowering Artists of All Ages through Education, Mentorship & Scholarships"

Our Vision & Mission Statement

The Women in Music and Arts Foundation Is A Non-Profit Organization Comprising Of Dynamic, Influential Women In The Performing, Visual And Literary Arts Raising Awareness In The Global Community Preserving The Legacy Of The Feminine Influence Providing Educational Seminars, Workshops, Conferences Community Outreach Programs & Scholarships

The Women in Music and Arts Corporation (WIMA) was created January 2012 and gained membership throughout the year. We had over 30 events including monthly mixers, songwriting showcase, jazz and Broadway tributes, artisan showcase, gallery event downtown, mentoring and community outreach programs.

We learned a lot last year about the inner workings of starting a non-profit organization and we are grateful to our members for being patient with us during our infant stages.  We look forward to developing more workshops, seminars, conferences and scholarship opportunities for our members as we move forward into 2013 with the help of donations, our members, partners and sponsors.

Here is what our members say when asked, "What does WIMA mean to you?"

“What does WIMA mean to You?”
WIMA Members Speak About WIMA

"WIMA is home to me. When I go out to other mixers I always come home with a lot of cards. With WIMA I feel I am at home. This is where I feel supported to sing."
~ Stephanie Thompson

"The professionalism. With the love, the talent, everything you can imagine, there’s no limits to what you can do." ~ Dina Remeta, Interior  Designer

“The Passion. It comes from the heart.” ~ Janice P. Greever, Photographer

“What I love about Women in Music and Arts is when we all come together there is so much love in this group. I love Sandy Kastel because she is the most inspiring person that has been in my life. And I love WIMA women.” ~ Joi Jeffries, Clothing Designer

“Just one word. Inspiration. They inspire me to do anything I want to do and be anything I want to be.” ~ Ayele Eliane Amavigan

“Women in Music and Arts is a great opportunity for them to get together and share what they believe in.” ~ Linda Addington, Songwriter

“I’m thrilled to be supporting Women in Music and Arts. Music and Arts enriches our lives so this is a very important event.” ~ Durette Candito, Owner of Urban Ranch

Proposed Schedule for 2014:
•    Monthly Mixers
•    Workshops
⁃    Empowering Women Workshops
⁃    The Business of Being An Artist
•    Seminars
•    Conferences
⁃    Music Conference in April
⁃    Writers Conference in June
⁃    Artist Conference in September
•     Fundraisers
⁃    WIMA Gala in November
⁃    WIMA Golf Tournament in May
WIMA Media
•    Radio
•    TV
•    Online Radio/TV
Social Media Outlets:
•    Website
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    YouTube
•    Pintrest
Member Business Opportunities:
•    Performances
•    Speaking Engagements
•    Books
•    Albums
•    Art Shows
•    Contests
•    Online Store

It's an exciting time for us as at WIMA as we move forward into the New Year!

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Sandy Kastel, Founder & President


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